What we repair

Our outerwear is meant for playing, romping and being outside.

 It's absolutely normal that one or the other little thing gets broken along this way.

Whenever you reach the limits of your manual skills, we are happy to help you with our repair service.

Repairs on disana boiled wool jackets and overalls

Replace edging tape 

Repair torn buttons

Replace cuffs on sleeves

You would like to have a disana boiled wool overall repaired?

Select the desired repairs in the image and place them in the shopping basket. Complete the order and send us the item. 
Please note, we only have matching spare parts in stock for items from the current collection. Don't worry, we can also find the matching parts for favourite items that are not quite new anymore.
To be on the safe side, you are welcome to contact us first. It's best to send us one or two pictures so we can better see what needs to be done.

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What can be repaired on the disana boiled wool jacket?

We can repair many things on the this jacket, from replacing the edging tape to sewing in new cuffs. 

Again, if the jacket is not up to date, we will look for ingredients in matching colours for the repair. You are welcome to add the desired repairs to your shopping cart.

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Repairs on disana outdoor articles

Replace zippers
Replace cuffs on sleeves 
Close open seams

Repairs on a disana outdoor jacket or coat?

Please write us what needs to be repaired. We are happy to replace cuffs or the zipper. 
To make sure that everything can be repaired, it is better if we can talk about everything first before the jacket is sent out.


Repairs on disana men's and women's articles

Replace zipper
Replace cuffs
Torn buttons

Women's parka

We are happy to repair the zip on a disana women's parka. Replace missing press studs or close an open seam.

Repairs on disana blankets and sleeping bags

Torn buttons 

Seams that open up


From €12.00*

What can be repaired on a blanket?

Well, honestly, not that much. If the decorative stitching loosens for any reason, send the blanket to us and we'll make it beautiful again.

A disana sleeping bag needs to be repaired?

We can gladly close an open seam again. If the zipper needs to be replaced, please write to us so that we are sure to have a suitable replacement part on stock.

If you want to repair by yourself

We believe in you!
Many repairs can easily be done by yourself.
The advantage is that it's cheaper for your wallet and better for the environment.
Because every package that doesn't have to make its way to us is good.
We have lots of spare parts and repair kits that we will be happy to send you.

Bündchen und weitere Ersatzteile

Wir planen ziemlich genau, so sticken wir etwa genau so viele Bündchen, wie wir auch für die Produktion brauchen. Deshalb kannst du original Ersatzteil für Artikel aus der aktuellen Kollektion auch nur auf Anfrage bei uns bestellen.

Bitte schreib uns, was du suchst.

Was wir für dich haben, sind Ersatzteile mit denen du auf jeden Fall das Leben eines disana Artikels verlängern kannst.

Was suchst du und was möchstest du reparieren?

Schreib uns wie wir dir helfen können.

What even we can no longer save

  • Holes and worn spots in the fabric.

  • Mothholes in knitwear and boiled wool items.

  • Small items such as gloves or hats.

  • Favourite items that even our "repair fairy" can no longer save.

  • Articles for which we no longer have any spare parts.

  • Waistband on the outdoor jacket

Questions about the repair service

Just write us a message, we will be happy to help you.

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