Repair service

Our outerwear is designed for playing, romping and being outdoors. It is completely normal that one or the other little thing gets broken. Whenever you reach the limits of your manual skills, we are happy to help you with our repair service.

What we repair

⦁ Closing open seams. 7.00 €
⦁ New edging of frayed or worn out buttonholes. 7,00 € 
⦁ Correction of worn out buttonholes in the boiled wool overall and boiled wool jacket. 7,00 € 
⦁ Replace edging tape on the boiled wool overall and the boiled wool jacket (usually moth damage). 15,00 € 
⦁ Repair or replacement of the zipper the outdoor jacket. 30,00 € 
⦁ Repair or replacement of the zippper on the ladies coat. 12,00 € 
⦁ Torn buttons - repair and sew on, if still possible! 10,00 € 
⦁ Replace cuffs on boiled wool jacket and outdoor jacket. 15,00 € 
⦁ Reattaching the binding on the boiled wool blanket. 15,00 €

What we don't repair

Clothes that have not been sufficiently cleaned! Jackets and other items do not have to be freshly washed, but please do not send us all the treasures your child finds in the forest. The bags should be empty and everything else should be such that neither our sewing machines nor the seamstresses reach their limits. 
⦁ Holes and chafed spots in the fabric. 
⦁ Mothholes in knitwear and boiled wool items. 
⦁ Small items such as gloves or hats. 
⦁ Favourite items that even our "repair fairy" can no longer save. 
⦁ Items for which we no longer have any spare parts. 
⦁ Waistband on the outdoor jacket

And this is how it works

 ⦁ On the Repairs page, you can select the desired service and place it in the shopping cart. 
⦁ It's best if you write us in advance what needs to be repaired. You are also welcome to send us one or two pictures.

And this is how it continues

Please wait until we get in touch with you to make sure that everything important has been discussed. 
In order to choose the right ingredients, we need to know: 
⦁ The colour and size of the item. 
⦁ If you know, also when the garment was bought.

What you have to do now

As soon as the repair has been discussed and ordered, you can send us the item.

Send your parcel to this address:

      disana  Repair service     

Rosenstr. 26

72805 Lichtenstein - Germany

This is how we gladly accept repairs

⦁ Please pay sufficient postage. Unpaid shipments will not be accepted. 
⦁ Use suitable packaging for sending, then we can also use this for the return. This protects the environment and costs less. 
⦁ The garment must be clean! We do not accept soiled clothing for repair. 
⦁ Just in case, please include your address in the package.

How long does the repair take?

We will send you the repaired garment after 3 - 5 working days. We hope that you and especially your children will have a lot of fun with the repaired disana garment.