Boiled Wool Overall


disana Boiled Wool Overall
Wrapped into especially soft wool fabric from head to toe – that’s the disana boiled wool overall. Thanks to our organic merino wool’s feature to regulate temperature and moisture, this jumpsuit provides not only a cozy warmth but also protects against any types of irritation on sensitive baby skin. The foldable cuffs at arms and legs, the fitting, the big tagua nut buttons – it’s the many details that make our boiled wool overall a special garment. The well thought out hood shape is not only comfortable to wear, but also ends up perfectly at the face. The hood and neck part have a lining out of organic cotton to avoid itching at tender skin parts.
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% wool from controlled animal husbandry
    • mulesingfree


    • With button placket for easy dressing and undressing
    • comfortable cut
    • cotton lining in the neck area
    • fold-over cuffs on arms and legs
    • unisex
    Size chart

    Cleaning Instructions: Wolle