Made by us

It is simply fun to see how a beautiful textile is created step by step from a thin thread in our production. This is one of the reasons why all disana textiles are made in-house. And this for more than 40 years.

Short distances

With us, a garment does not travel halfway around the world just because the next production step is a few cents cheaper there. The distances in our production are short. Often the next work step is only one table width away. In this way, we reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions during the production of our textiles to a minimum.


Not only in our own production do we know exactly where things come from. We also rely on transparency and communication with our suppliers and service providers. Many of them are in our immediate neighbourhood and we have known each other for many years. Some since the very first days of disana.

Exactly to the point

Experts estimate that about 30% of manufactured textiles never reach the market. They are destroyed as so-called "overproduction". Huge resources are wasted this way.
 By producing in-house, we have influence on every step of the process - even on the quantities. In this way, we control our production to the point, or rather, to the piece.

Local employer

We bear responsibility for our employees. Because for them too, disana is more than just a company in the business sense. It is a community with a family culture, where friendships are made and shared values connect beyond one's own background.


Women's quota

Well over 80 % of our employees are women. At the knitting and sewing machines, in the customer service or in the company management. For them - and for their male colleagues - we have arranged our working hours so flexibly that work and family can be combined in the best possible way.


Living wages


Living wages are a controversial issue in the fashion industry. 
We base the remuneration of our employees on the German standard wage. We pay taxes and social security contributions, contributions to the employers' liability insurance association, sick pay and much more. And that is a good thing.


The community

As one of the larger employers in the village, we also stand for the community. For the bakery from which we always get our break-time pretzels on Fridays. For the local football team, who plays with our name on their jerseys. For the kindergarten, which does arts and crafts with our fabric remnants.



Finally, "Made in Germany" is also a question of attitude. Attitude is not for cowards, attitude costs. Attitude is a question of position and for us also a question of location. 
We produce in Germany because social and ecological responsibility cannot be outsourced. It happens here, here at our company.