Boiled Wool Trousers


disana Boiled Wool Trousers
The ultimate trousers for all kinds of weather. Warm, resistant and still pleasantly soft, that’s the way to describe our boiled wool trousers made of finest merino wool. They have a particularly high waist and thereby keep the sensitive lower back area safe and warm. Two knitted straps make sure nothing slips out of place. As the boiled wool trousers have thicker material on the knees and buttocks, they’re especially suitable for playing and going on discovery journeys outside in the nature.
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% wool from controlled animal husbandry
    • mulesingfree


    • High cut back
    • comfortable cut
    • thicker material on the knees and buttocks
    • unisex
    • with straps
    Size chart

    Cleaning Instructions: Wolle