Felt by Meter


disana Felt by Meter
The definition says that wool felt is a textile fabric made from sheep’s wool that has been solidified during felting. Due to the scales on their surface, the wool fibres become inextricably entangled under the effects of pressure, shear and moisture. We say that wool felt is a material to dream and feel good with. Thanks to the use of pure organic merino wool, which gives our wool felt an incomparably soft and warm feel. Thanks to the high strength and a density of 0,3 g/cm³, which makes the wool felt very stable and resilient. Thanks to the use of 100% recycled wool, so no new resources hat to be taken from nature. A fabric that leaves endless room for creativity.
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% wool from controlled animal husbandry
    • 100% Recycling
    • mulesingfree

    Cleaning Instructions: Filz