Made with respect

Nature is the basis of life in our society. This society supports and forms the economy. Working in an ecologically and socially responsible way is therefore not an option for us. It is the basis of our entrepreneurial actions and our understanding of sustainable business. 
Working in a way that conserves resources is the DNA of our company. Sustainability is not only a characteristic of our products. Sustainability is also reflected in our values and in the actions of our company. And we have been doing so for over 40 years.

Already in the soil

Ecology begins with the management of the pastures. This complies with the regulations of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). For example, the soil is not fertilised with minerals. To promote biodiversity on the pastures.

Animal welfare

How we treat animals says everything about the value we place on them.
 For the farmers whose sheep provide our wool, this welfare of their animals is paramount. By not using mulesing, which is painful for the animals, by treating sick animals or by handling the sheep gently during shearing.

Standards and certificates

Along the entire production chain, our disana textiles comply with the GOTS and/or IVN BEST guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines is checked and certified annually by independent institutes. 
disana is one of the founders of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry, IVN e.V. and one of the developers of the GOTS and IVN BEST.

Recycling of materials

When cutting our disana textiles, remnants accumulate. Too small to sew anything with. But far too precious to throw away. 
We collect these remnants and use them to make felt fabrics and new yarns. In this way, new disana articles are created and natural resources are conserved.



Even during the design and development of our articles, we pay attention to their repairability. Because a small defect is no reason to throw away a disana textile.
 We keep dozens of spare parts in the original colours and offer a service for repairing defective disana articles. Because the durability of an article is an integral part of our understanding of sustainability.


Ultimately, sustainability also means responsibility. Especially for us as a company. With what we produce, with how and where. We feel responsible for the ecological and social compatibility of our products, for our employees, for our suppliers and service providers. For us, responsibility also means proving to our customers that we are a reliable, transparent and trustworthy partner.