disana Outdoor-Jacket
Our "in-all-weathers-suitable-jacket” made of cosily warm organic merino wool. Body and arms are pre-shaped. The thereby newly formed fit makes the jacket even more pleasant to wear. The child is now able to stretch out the arms without the band around the body sliding up. This is prevented by the so called "high reach” cut, mainly used for climbing sports clothing. This technique makes sure that belly and back stay nice and warm. Reflectors bring more safety in the dark. A smart drawstring system makes the hood even safer. Our outdoor jacket combines the full potential of the current "natural textiles-technique” with timeless design and the wonderful characteristics of pure organic wool.
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% wool from controlled animal husbandry
    • mulesingfree


    • Cuffs on the sleeves and body
    • With hood
    • high reach cut avoids sliding up
    • lining out of 100% organic cotton
    • unisex
    • zipper
    Size chart

    Cleaning Instructions: Wolle