Boiled Wool Dress


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disana Boiled Wool Dress
As special garment for festive days or as a casual piece for everyday wear. Open-edged, which means processed without any hem, our boiled wool fabric looks even lighter.With a weight of only 260 g, the "summer boiled wool fabric” supports every movement and lets the dress swing in the way that only a light summer fabric can do. Two large pockets on the sides offer enough space for everything a young lady needs. The easy-to-open button placket at the front makes it easy to put on our boiled wool dress.
    • Made in Germany
    • 100% wool from controlled animal husbandry
    • mulesingfree


    • With button placket for easy dressing and undressing
    • grows with your child
    • loose fit
    • patch pockets
    Size chart

    Cleaning Instructions: Wolle