Washing laundry means: sorting

Washing laundry means: sorting Before washing, you should sort the laundry. There are two things to look out for: 

1. colour 

2. material 

For the colours: Separate light colours from dark colours. It is best to wash white laundry separately, as light colours can also rub off on white laundry. Extreme colours such as red, dark blue or black are more likely to stain. You should therefore only wash them together with dark or similar colours. 

Even more important than the colour is the fibre the clothes are made of. The material of the textiles determines the washing programme, temperature, spin and type of detergent. You can find out which washing machine setting is the right one from the care instructions on the label inside your clothes.


Wool felt does not tolerate water well. Therefore, our felt items should not be washed. But even in wool felt, wool retains its dirt- and odour-repellent effect and so it happens rarely that felts need to be cleaned.


Dry stains can be brushed out with a soft clothes brush. Dab very stubborn stains with gall soap, rub in carefully and dab off with a damp cloth.
We have made good experiences with washing our wool felt in the wool wash programme in the washing machine. However, the wool felt can swell up very slightly.


Wet or damp felt must be dried lying flat.


Iron at low to medium heat.


Chemical cleaning is not necessary.


Do not bleach. This is harmful to the environment, useless and only ruins the fabric.