Far too precious to simply be thrown away.

This also applies to the remnants left over from cutting our disana items to size. Because they are also made from extra fine, soft organic merino wool. That's why we want to make something new and useful out of these fabric remnants and give the precious raw material Merino wool a second life. For example in our recycled organic wool felt.

Therefore, we collect the remnants right where they are produced, in our cutting room. On some days, there are several hundred kilos of remnants from cutting out the parts for our disana items. These remnants are sorted by colour and stored in our warehouse.

Once several tonnes of remnants have been collected, they are sent to our shredding facility. There, the remnants are finely shredded again in large industrial plants until a fine wool fleece is produced. In most cases, several passes on the large needle rollers are necessary to extract individual wool fibres from a piece of fabric.

The resulting woollen fleece is then sent to the felting facility. This is also a factory, often with machines the size of a house. There, the wool fleece is compressed more and more with the help of water, steam, pressure and friction until a robust, solid wool felt is created. Depending on the number of layers of wool fleece used, this can be 2, 3 or even 8 millimetres thick.

The wool felt comes back to us on large rolls. We use it again to make new textiles. For example, the felt items in our disana "Living Programme". Or the new, innovative packaging banderole for our baby and cosy blankets. Other manufacturers are now also using our uniquely soft wool felt. For example, the shoe manufacturers Pololo, Pantolinos and Grand Step Shoes. Our partners at Grüne Erde use it for their furniture collection too.

And as our wool felt is a 100% pure natural product, nothing stands in the way of its further processing. For a third or even fourth life cycle of our fine disana merino wool.

How to care felt

Felt is really uncomplicated and very hard-wearing. Brushing is usually sufficient. For more, you can find our washing & care instructions here.

Felt Table Pad Round
Felt Table Pad Round
Color: felt mix | Size: Ø 12 cm
Chic Felt Table Pads round or square made out of 100% recycled organic wool

Upholstered Seat Pad
Upholstered Seat Pad
Color: gold | Size: 36x36 cm
Soft and warming Seat Pad made of 100% recycled organic wool

Felt Shopper Bag
Felt Shopper Bag
Color: plum | Size: 40x40x20 cm
Felt Shopper Bag made of 100% recycled organic wool

Felt Tablet Cover
Felt Tablet Cover
Color: blue | Size: 1 | 20 x 13,5 cm
Stylish Felt Tablet Cover made of 100% recycled organic wool

Felt Mat
Felt Mat
Color: blue | Size: 70 x 200 cm
Play and Gym Mat made of 100% recycled organic wool

Felt Pad
Felt Pad
Color: lagoon | Size: 36x36 cm
Stylish Table Pad or colourful decoration made of 100% recycled organic wool

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